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Grind: Cal and Macy's Story, Book #2 (E-Book)

Grind: Cal and Macy's Story, Book #2 (E-Book)

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Grind (verb): to weaken or destroy gradually

Macy Carrington is not the woman I once thought her to be.  

What she does not allow her heart to feel, she gives with her body. The sex between us is explosive and depraved. I’ve done things with her that would never have crossed my wildest imagination, and I can’t ever seem to get enough.

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But now I want more from her. I want to figure out her dark secret, expose it and then help her to heal from it. I know, without a doubt, that Macy is capable of love, and I will grind her down until I make her accept the truth of it. 

Grind (verb): to wear down, polish, or sharpen by friction

Cal Carson is not the man I once thought him to be.  

Strong, determined, sexy as hell and a beast in the bedroom. He is every woman’s fantasy.

He is my fantasy.

But no matter how hard Cal tries to grind me down, my heart and secrets are mine and mine alone.

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Chapter 1

Christ, I want this woman. I want her so bad my bones ache.

She continues to taunt me… slowly inching the hemline of her dress up those silky, smooth legs. Macy sits in my office—seeking my help on a legal case—trying to seduce me. There are a million reasons why I shouldn’t fuck her but one really fantastic reason why I should.

That reason lays right between her legs. Two inches higher on that hem and it’s going to be impossible for me to say “no”.

Anger starts to bubble hot. I’m pissed at myself because I’m so weak, and I’m furious at Macy for exploiting that weakness.

Rage rises up in me over the way she makes me feel helpless and I stand up from my desk like a raging bull, slapping my hands hard on the wood. “For fuck’s sake, what the hell is wrong with you?”

Macy’s hand freezes, and I feel unbelievable disappointment deep in my gut that she’s stopped just shy of what I consider to be nirvana. Her eyes are round and wide, blinking slowly at me. The sensual smile that was on her face melts right off, and humiliation rises red in her cheeks.

And fuck.

Are those tears building in her eyes?

I have no clue because she blinks those beautiful blues rapidly and shoots out of her chair. Shouldering her purse, she spins away and takes long-legged strides toward the door.

I hesitate for just a split second, long enough for her to make it halfway across my office, before I’m practically hurdling my desk to get to her. It’s fortunate my legs are much longer than hers are because in just a few galloping strides, I reach her just as her hand touches the doorknob.

Rather than pull her away, I keep barreling forward and press her hard into the door, her entire lush backside nestled against me perfectly. With a slow grind of my hips against her, my hard cock is knocking just above her back door.

Macy goes absolutely still as I place my palms on the door on either side of her head. Damn… that fucking shampoo gets to me, and I bury my nose into the back of her neck to inhale. It’s a gentle, intimate act and it causes Macy’s body to shiver, maybe in pleasure, maybe in abhorrence.

“You are driving me bat-shit crazy,” I whisper into her ear.

She wiggles her body, rubbing against my dick. It’s straining hard to get out of my pants, and I feel twitchy all over with lust.

I drop one hand away from the door, lean my body slightly to the side, and take the edge of her hemline in my fingers. Slowly, I drag the edge of it up, curving my fingers so my knuckles can scrape along that soft skin. When I reach the top of her thigh, I spread my fingers and angle them inward, lightly stroking her skin.

I should do this. I should fuck her right here in my office and not have a moment’s regret over it. I mean… I’ve done one-night stands before, so I’m cool with casual sex. On more than one occasion, I’ve slept with a woman and walked away, never to encounter her again. This would be no different, right?

Except… this would be the second time I’ve been with Macy, so it’s not just a one-night stand. It’s not just some random. That means this is something more, and that scares the shit out of me because I’m the type of guy that can easily lose his heart to the right woman.

My subconscious growls at me. Tells me to man up and stop being so wishy-washy. Tells me to consider the facts before me.

Macy Carrington isn’t the type of woman I could ever lose my heart to because she’s not the type of girl that will, in turn, care for a man’s heart. So I should be safe if I just acknowledge that it’s casual.

Won’t be anything more than casual.

I’m pretty much resolved, but still I ask, “Why a repeat with me? That’s not your normal modus operandi.”

My fingers continue to slide up and down the skin of her inner thigh, no more than an inch from her folds, which I guarantee are slick with need.

Macy huffs out a breath of frustration, flexing her hips in an attempt to get my fingers to relieve her. “Touch me,” she pleads, and I cannot believe the emotion I’m hearing in her voice. I would bet Macy Carrington has never begged for anything in her life.

I abruptly pull my hand away from her thigh and spin her around in my arms. Her eyes are wide and confused. It makes me want to comfort her, so I raise my hand to cup her cheek before sliding it through her soft hair where I gently grasp the back of her head.

“Why do you want a repeat with me?” I ask her again.

She opens her mouth, but nothing comes out. I give her an encouraging squeeze. “Why?” I ask again.

“Because the sex was good,” she blurts out.

I cock an eyebrow at her. “All sex is good. Try again.”

“It was great then,” she amends.

“You’ve had great sex before,” I say quietly before pointing out, “but it never made you go back for seconds.”

Her eyes lower. She nibbles on her lip.

I wait patiently.

Without looking back up at me, she says, “Because it was different.”

This is a truth because fuck yeah… it was completely different. It was completely different because it was like the best sex ever.

At least in my mind.

But I think Macy might mean something else.

I decide to push at her. “How was it different?”

She lifts her gaze to me, and I don’t see confusion there anymore. Instead, I see stubborn determination and sizzling heat in those beautiful azure eyes. “Why don’t I show you how it was different?” she asks in a husky voice, bringing her hands up to my belt.

The pulse that runs through the big vein underneath my cock starts thumping violently at the prospect of her putting those delicate hands down my pants. The promise in her voice, her touch… it all makes my skin go tight with anticipation.

I contemplate a few things.

Should I press her… make her divulge to me in her own words just how I’m different?

Should I let her show me instead?

Or maybe I should just back away right now, because what in the hell am I thinking… getting involved with this woman?

My dick jerks angrily at that last thought, and I know, without a doubt, that I’ve made my choice.

I’m going to let Macy show me.

I drop my hand from behind her head and lean my upper body back a bit to watch as her hands work efficiently.

Belt undone and pulled free swiftly.

Button and zipper dispensed with the confidence of a pro.

Warm hands dipping into my boxer briefs at my hips and pushing the material down, along with my trousers, until my dick is freed.

A quavering breath gushes from between my lips when Macy’s hand circles around my erection, fisting it firmly before giving it a few strokes.

Oh, man, that feels so fucking good.

“Lay down,” Macy whispers as she releases her hold on me and steps back. Her hands go down to the bottom of her dress, where she grabs the material and fluidly pulls it up. She reveals beautiful legs, then, just as quickly, her beautiful pussy comes into view and my mouth waters. Up, up, up and over those perfect tits that are without a bra to hold them back, and then her dress is gone.

Macy’s long, red hair that shimmers with gold highlights from the afternoon sun streaming through the window hangs down her back, and I almost spontaneously come when she reaches up, pinches her own nipples, and says, “I told you to lay down. I’m going to fuck you.”

Yeah… not going to happen just like that.

I quickly kick my shoes off while shrugging out of my suit jacket. Pushing my pants and underwear off, I loosen my tie enough to pull it over my head and practically rip my shirt off. With a final flourish, I pull off the soft, white t-shirt I wear underneath my dress shirt and toss it away.

Then I’m as gloriously naked as Macy is, and she smirks at me. “Much better,” she says with a nod. Jerking her head to the floor, she murmurs, “On your back.”

I waste no time, dropping to the floor, stretching my legs out and holding my hand out to her. She steps forward, takes it, and swings a leg up and over until she’s standing with her feet on either side of my ribs. I give her hand a sharp squeeze, and then release it so I can lower my torso to the thick carpeting.

Macy stares down at me, but I can’t hold her gaze. My eyes go to that spot right between her legs, almost trying to will it downward toward me. Saliva pools in my mouth as she starts to lower herself. Just when her knees hit the carpeting and she’s lowering herself backward to grind against me, my hands shoot out to grab her by the thighs. Fingers sliding along her soft skin, curving to the backs, and then I’m pulling her forward sharply.

She lets out a gasp of surprise and immediately slaps her hands to my chest for balance. “What are you doing?”

“Going to eat you out if you stop pushing away,” I mutter, tugging on her legs harder.

She shakes her head, those beautiful, red waves now spilling over her shoulders and tickling her breasts. “Another time,” she says softly. “I want this first.”

And just so I have a firm idea what she means by this, she reaches back and grabs my cock, giving it a rough jerk. My hips arch upward and my hands fall away from her legs, because she said I could tongue fuck her at another time.

Another time?

Are we going to do this again?

I shake those thoughts away and instead give her a sinful smile. “By all means… show me what you got.”

A low, rumbling purr emanates from her chest… a sexy fucking sound, and she releases her hold on me. Scooting backward, she raises herself and reaches to take my cock again. As she lowers down, my hands shoot out and grip her hips, halting her progress. “Wait.”

Her eyebrows raise in surprise, eyes filled with need and frustration… and yeah, annoyance I’ve stopped her descent.

“You can’t be ready for me,” I point out with a murmur. Because, fuck… we haven’t even kissed, much less conducted any other foreplay. If she had let me eat her out, I’d have given her an orgasm that was guaranteed to make her loose and relaxed.

Macy reaches over and grabs one of my hands, pulling it forcefully until it’s right between her legs. I can feel the heat emanating from her skin, lush and inviting. “I’m ready.”

Only to test the merit of her statement, I push my fingers through her folds, finding her silky slick. She moans approval, which urges me onward, so I push two up inside of her. My balls tighten in pain when Macy’s head falls back and she groans, gyrating her hips on my fingers. She’s tight, warm, and soaking wet. I pull my fingers out and push three back inside, and Macy starts to ride them, eyes glazed with lust.

Christ… I want to watch her get herself off this way so I let her go, watching with abject amazement at the spectacle. Twisting my hand slightly, I angle my thumb over until it presses down on her clit, and she fucking explodes right then and there. Like a goddamn skyrocket on the Fourth of July. Her pussy clamps hard on my fingers, sucking them deeper, and that’s twice now I’ve watched her orgasm extremely fast. She’s so fucking responsive, I’m wondering all the ways in which I can make her come. I want to get a stopwatch out and time this phenomenon.

I expect Macy to slump forward in replete exhaustion, but she stuns me when she lifts herself off my fingers, takes my cock in hand, and pushes her pussy down onto it. She sinks determinedly on my stick, and even though I know she just came less than ten seconds ago, I can feel the stretch and pull as she tries to accommodate my size. She even winces a little, so I know there’s a sting, but then her forehead smoothes out and her lips curve into an erotic smile.

When she’s sitting flat against my pelvis, she lowers her chin and stares down at me with clear blue eyes filled with bold resolve. I swallow hard against the challenge I’m seeing and wait for her to make a move.

Instead, she brings her hands to my chest, spreads her fingers wide, and idly grazes her thumbs over my skin. Her eyes lower for a moment, but I can tell by the set to her jawline that she’s contemplating something.

When she looks back up at me, she says, “We’re having unprotected sex.”

I jerk slightly, which causes my cock to jump inside of her, which in turn causes her pussy to clamp against me in reflex. I stifle the groan that wants to come out and instead, I mutter with teeth clenched, “A little late to be worried about that, don’t you think?”

“I was never worried,” she says confidently as her eyes rise up to mine. “I trust that you wouldn’t do something to hurt me.”

I want to say those words back to her, but how can I?

I don’t know much about her at all, but she doesn’t keep me wondering. Her voice is so soft… almost shy when she says, “You’re only the second man I’ve ever been with that didn’t wear a condom.”

“Who was the first?” I ask, amazed that we are sitting here carrying on a conversation while my cock is stuffed deep inside of her.

She gives a small shake of her head, and there’s no mistaking the cold distance in her eyes. “It was years ago, so it doesn’t matter.”

By that look… by the frost in her gaze and the flatness to her voice, I can tell it absolutely does matter, but I don’t press her. It’s enough for me to know that she’s clean.

“Are you on the Pill?” I ask, because it almost seems more perilous to think about getting Macy pregnant than catching something from her.

She answers me by raising her hips up and pushing back down on me not so gently. Pleasure skitters up my spine by the unexpected move and as she lifts up again, she murmurs, “I can’t get pregnant, so we’re good.”

And that… in her voice… that is unmistakable sadness I’m hearing.

She writhes above me, pumping my cock with fluid movements of her body. I want to stop her… ask her why she can’t get pregnant, but every time she slides down my shaft, my mind seems to go dull and fuzzy.

Until I’m starting to drown in a pool of lust and driving need for release.

Normally, when a woman rides me, it starts great but then my assistance is needed because they inevitably start to tire. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Macy, whose strong legs have no trouble supporting her movements as they get faster. Just when I think I might need to start thrusting upward to help chase an orgasm, she goes a little harder… drives me up into her a little deeper.

I watch her tits swaying, her eyes glazing over because she’s as lost as I am. She bounces up and down on my dick, rotating her hips, which causes her pussy to massage my cock like it’s never been handled before, and all I can do is squeeze my fingers down into her thighs while she gives me the fucking of a lifetime.

Chest heaving, sweat rolling down my temple, my balls drawn in tight and hard like big marbles, with one particularly brutal thrust down onto me, my hips jerk up off the floor as I start to come.

“Oh God,” I groan deeply and, I realize, a little loudly, but I’m too far gone to care if anyone hears. Macy grinds down against me, gyrating and milking me while I continue to spurt inside of her.

She grinds and grinds and grinds against me until I’m empty, and then continues to grind because my cock is still hard enough. I shove my hand between her legs and rub against her. She squeezes her eyes shut, groaning. I watch in fascination as I quickly bring her to another orgasm while she uses my now-spent cock.

Goddamn… this woman is unbelievable.

The most sensual and erotic creature I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

She makes every porn movie I’ve ever watched seem dull and lifeless.

She makes every fuck I’ve ever had before her seem trite.

She makes me wonder if I will ever view sex the same way again.

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