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The Forbidden: A Mardraggon Novel (PREORDER: Releases July 16, 2024) (eBook)

The Forbidden: A Mardraggon Novel (PREORDER: Releases July 16, 2024) (eBook)

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The Forbidden: A Mardraggon Novel eBook preorder purchases will be delivered via BookFunnel on July 16, 2024.

The prince of his family’s Kentucky bourbon empire, Gabriel Mardraggon is a ruthless and cunning businessman. His sister’s death left Gabe’s parents anxious for him to wed and produce successors to the family fortune but marriage is the last thing he wants. After all, he’s the product of two people who always put money before love. Loyal to the family’s creed of winning at all costs, as well as their hatred of the Blackburns, Gabe will never accept peace between the dynasties.

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Katherine Blackburn is Gabe’s polar opposite—carefree, lighthearted and completely mischievous. Kat works hard as a horse trainer but never hesitates to let her hair down and have a little fun. And lately that has included poking at Gabe and his buttoned-up ways, much to his irritation. Getting a rise out of the cold but gorgeous Mardraggon heir brings Kat unfettered joy, especially given their two families’ ugly history together.

Marcie DeLeon just navigated her way through a bitter divorce, now intent on reimagining her life as a single career woman. She’s not looking to revisit the burden of a relationship anytime soon but when Ethan turns to her for help, she can’t help but lend a sympathetic ear to the handsome and broody man.

When Gabe’s business dealings hurt Kat in a way he never imagined, his walls begin to crack and he makes it his mission to help her confront her demons, even though he’s the one who laid them at her door. Blackburns and Mardraggons are bitter enemies. Any type of relationship would be strictly forbidden. Gabe has to decide if he’s ready to alter the course of history or walk away from the only genuine thing he’s ever known.

The Forbidden: A Mardraggon Novel is an enemies to lovers novel within the Bluegrass Empires series. All books in the series can be enjoyed as standalones.

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Product Release Date: July 16, 2024

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