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Jameson Force Security Series Audio Bundle (Complete Series)

Jameson Force Security Series Audio Bundle (Complete Series)

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Join the team at Jameson Force Security as they do the dark and dangerous jobs no one else wants to do. The Complete Jameson Force Security Series includes the following standalones:

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Code Name: Genesis (narrated by Shane East and Imogen Church):
Years ago, Kynan and Joslyn were in love, but not everyone was happy about their relationship. More than a decade later, she needs help from the team at Jameson, the elite security company he now owns, to protect her from a terrifying stalker. Code Name: Genesis is a second chance romantic suspense standalone.

Code Name: Sentinel (narrated by Jason Clarke and Lucy Rivers):
Cruce is a former member of the Secret Service, but the life he thought he left behind comes calling when the President comes seeking a favor. Barrett is a brilliant nationally renowned energy scientist, and the President’s niece, who just became the target of a suspected terrorist cell. Code Name: Sentinel is a forbidden, workplace romantic suspense standalone.

Code Name: Heist (Joe Arden and Mackenzie Cartwright):
Saint was a world-class thief before he was betrayed by the woman he loved and spent years in prison. Now he’s been tasked with infiltrating a ring of highly specialized thieves, which means facing, Sindaria Westin, his biggest threat, and still his most dangerous temptation. Code Name: Heist is a second chance romantic suspense standalone.

Code Name: Hacker (narrated by Aiden Snow and Savannah Peachwood):
Bebe Grimshaw spent years behind bars after being caught hacking nuclear codes for a crime syndicate, but her job at Jameson has given her a second chance at doing the right thing. But things aren’t what they seem when she learns, Griffin Moore, the handsome stranger she met in the park has been sent to kill her. Code Name: Hacker is an enemies-to-lovers romantic suspense standalone.

Code Name: Ghost (narrated by Aaron Shedlock and Virginia Rose):
Malik Fournier was captured and his teammates killed in a mission gone wrong. Following his rescue and return home, he continues to be riddled with survivor’s guilt. Anna Tate lost her husband in that mission, but she offers him the comfort he doesn’t think he deserves, but from which he can’t walk away. Code Name: Ghost is a forbidden romantic suspense standalone.

Code Name: Rook (narrated by John Lane and Emma Wilder):
Cage is more of a ‘here for the night’ than a ‘here for forever’ kind of guy, so what’s the harm in telling a lie about his job? Jaime Dolan’s the woman he never knew he needed in his life and when he marries her without telling her the truth, he has some serious explaining to do. Code Name: Rook is a ‘can he save his marriage’ second chance romantic suspense standalone.

Code Name: Tiara (narrated by Rupert Channing and Samantha Cook):
Jackson Gale is less than thrilled when his new assignment involves ‘babysitting’ Princess Camille of House Winterbourne. But he quickly learns that there is more to Camille that her royal crown. Code Name: Tiara is a forbidden lovers romantic suspense standalone.

Code Name: Disavowed (narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Erin Mallon):
This mission will change Ladd McDermott’s life forever. When he gets word that the CIA has disavowed his former partner, Greer Hathaway, who also happens to be his ex-fiancée, he’ll risk everything to rescue her. Code Name: Disavowed is a second chance romantic suspense standalone.

Code Name: Revenge (narrated by Sean Crisden and Adenrele Ojo):
Dozer Burney drops everything when he receives an alert that indicates his best friend, Jessica Anderson, is in danger. Protecting Jessica is easy, because even though he’s never been able to admit it to anyone, not even himself, Dozer has been in love with Jessica since the day they met. Code Name: Revenge is a friends-to-lovers romantic suspense standalone.

Code Name: Omega (narrated by Joe Arden and Callie Dalton):
Kellen McCord has joined the team at Jameson, having moved from California with his dog, Omega, who he affectionately refers to as Bubba. When Bubba snacks on something he most definitely should not, Kellen rushes him to the vet—Dr. Abby Blackburn. Kellen quickly learns that Abby is on a crusade to take down a local puppy mill, but when her safety is threatened, Kellen and the team from Jameson step in to keep her safe. Code Name: Omega is a dog filled romantic suspense standalone.

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