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Uncivilized (Paperback)

Uncivilized (Paperback)

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Savage man, loner, warrior… I am dangerous at my core. I have lived amidst the untamed wild of the rainforest, in a society that reveres me and where every woman falls before me in subjugation.

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Now I’ve been discovered. Forced to return to a world that I have forgotten about and to a culture that is only vaguely familiar to my senses.

Dr. Moira Reed is an anthropologist who has been hired to help me transition back into modern society. It’s her job to smooth away my rough edges… to teach me how to navigate properly through this new life of mine. She wants to tame me.

She’ll never win.

I am wild, free and raw, and the only thing I want from the beautiful Moira Reed is her submission.

She wants it, I am certain.

I will give it to her soon.

Yes, very soon, I will become the teacher and she will become my student. And when I am finished showing her body pleasure like no other, she’ll know what it feels like to be claimed by an uncivilized man.

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Present Day

I'm dizzy with lust.

Head spinning, heart racing, muscles clenching in all the right places.

I'm so far out of control and all of my instincts yell at me to give in... to submit.


"Get on your knees," Zach commands me in a low voice that rumbles along my skin and causes blood to rage through my veins.

"No," I whisper, even though I want to scream, "Yes".

I know it's coming. In fact, I think my crazy denial of his request was done only to provoke him to force my submission. Because that's more exciting to my senses than just surrendering to his words alone.

Zach grips the back of my neck firmly and squeezes... just hard enough to really get my attention. He had told me once that this is what the male jaguar does to his mate to earn her respect just before he impales her and I believe it. I fully subscribe to his cultural upbringing in the Amazon wild and actually cherish the way that Zach's character was formed by the many years he spent away from the modern world.

His breath is hot on my neck as he leans in toward me. "Don't ever say 'no' to me again."

That's all he says before he pushes downward, and my knees bend without any hesitation. No sooner do they hit the carpet then he's bending me forward... down, down, down... until my cheek touches the cream, wool shag and my ass is tipped in the air to him. I give a small, yielding sigh of contentment and briefly close my eyes as I remember the first time I saw Zach do this to another woman, and how much I yearned for him to do it to me.

It was a distinct moment in my life where all my notions of cultured civility seemed to fade away, only to be replaced by an intense hunger to learn something new from this man.

Odd... because I was his teacher, and yet here he is... teaching me.

Zacharias Easton is teaching me about a craving I couldn't have ever imagined before I met him.

Sad little boy.

Savage man from the jungle.

Loner, warrior... dangerous at his core.

Curious man who doesn't belong here nor there.

"You remember the first time you saw me?" Zach asks as he squeezes my neck again.


"It turned you on, didn't it?"


"You wanted me to fuck you that way, didn't you?"


"You want it now?"

"God yes," I moan.

"Tell me then," he urges and I can hear amusement in his voice.

"Tell you what?" I ask with confusion.

"Tell me all about the first time you saw me. Tell me a story, sweet Moira, and then I'll decide whether to give you what you want."

My breath comes out in a whispering gust across my lips and I close my eyes again. I think back to my expedition to the Amazon just a month ago to collect Zach... the poor, little lost boy who had lived the last eighteen years with the primitive Caraican indian tribe.

Yes, it was the day my life irrevocably changed forever.

We pushed our way through the jungle, our guide, Ramon first, then me, then Father Gaul. After landing at a small airstrip that bordered the southern side of the Amazon River just west of the Columbia-Brazil border, we made our way to the Jutai River where Father Gaul purchased an old dugout canoe from a river merchant. We took it south, having to port several times to walk it around impassable rapids, traveling another two days until Ramon proclaimed it was time to go ashore.

My backpack was filled with all the necessities I would need until we made it to the Caraican village. Since this was my third trip into the Amazon, I packed light with just the most important things I'd need... chlorine tablets for my water canteen, a knife, a lightweight portable hammock, one change of clothes for me, a set of clothes that I purchased for Zach using Father Gaul's help in estimating his size and some military styled dehydrated rations I picked up in Brasilia before we caught our Cessna flight north.

Ramon, who is a native missionary that has been traveling with Father Gaul, led our tiny expedition, hacking away at the vegetation that seemed to grow right back in place. The jungle was filled with dark shadows, so dense was the tree cover above.

Pointing ahead, Ramon spoke in Portuguese and Father Gaul translated for me. "See the light ahead... that's the Caraican village."

Peering around Ramon, it did seem that the jungle was lighter ahead and as we pressed forward, I saw that we were emerging out of the jungle into a large, dirt clearing about three acres in size. Several longhouses were built out of slender pillars of bamboo to act as the main supports with crossbeams above to support the slanted palm frond roofs. As typical of most tribal dwellings, there were no walls and the floors were nothing more than the dirt ground that we walked upon.

On the western side of the clearing, I saw about an acre of crops planted. I had done some studying of the Caraica tribe via a colleague who had a friend who had a friend who had spent some time with them a few years ago. I had learned that they grew a variety of staples to compliment the meat gathered by the men when they hunted that included bananas, manioc, mangos, sugar cane, corn and sweet potatoes. I noticed one woman walking from the fields toward the housing with a large basket filled with corn on her back, supported by a palm front strap that went around her forehead.

Father Gaul took the lead as we walked into the village. I saw several women throughout the various longhouses, cooking manioc bread on hot clay plates over fires, some nursing babies, and others lounging in hammocks. They watched us with curiosity but made no move to greet our group. All of the women were naked but I expected that. While this tribe has some minor trade relations with missionaries and other tribes, they had yet to progress to clothing, and they even shunned things as basic as loincloths over the men.

I followed Father Gaul to a longhouse, which oddly had a smaller hut about a quarter of the size next to it. He stepped inside, calling out a greeting to an old Caraican man that was lying in his hammock. An old woman, presumably his wife, tended a fire where she wasspreading the manioc flour over a large clay plate.

Father Gaul spoke in quiet Portuguese to the man while patting him on his shoulder. The man gave a semi-toothless smile amidst a heavily wrinkled face, and it was clear that they are exchanging greetings. Father Gaul then pointed at me and fired off a flurry of words I didn't understand, but clearly I was being introduced.

The old man beckoned me forward with his hand and I stepped nearer to him.

"Moira... this is Paraila... Zach's adoptive father."

Father Gaul then turned to Paraila and spoke more Portuguese. It's the language many tribes have adopted in the last century, born of a necessity to communicate with the world creeping in on the Amazon wild. Paraila looked at me and gave me a tender, welcoming smile as his hand reached out. I took it and he spoke to me. When he was finished, he squeezed my hand and Father Gaul said, "He bids you welcome and he is happy to have you in his village. He hopes you will rest for awhile and when the hunting party comes back, there will be a big feast to welcome us. He also says that he hopes you will take good care of his adopted son, but by looking at you, he can sense you are a good and strong woman, and will have no problem handling Zach."

I smiled wide at Paraila and said, "Father Gaul... tell him thank you and I'm honored to be here, and that I will take very good care of Zach when we leave."

Paraila smiled at me one more time, and then he and Father Gaul talked again while I turned to check out the village some more. There were a few skinny dogs running around and oddly, in the next longhouse over, I saw a tiny black monkey with a leash around it's neck made of palm rope tied to a log on the ground. One of the children was feeding it plantains and apparently it was some type of pet, which was very interesting, because I know one of their meat staples was, in fact, monkey.

Resting a hand on my shoulder, Father Gaul said, "Come. Let's set up your hammock and I'll show you where some water is so you can freshen up. Then you can get a nap. The feast won't be for a few hours and it will go late into the night."

I noded and followed Father Gaul out of Paraila's home, eager to get my first glance at Zach when he came back to the village.


The feast was underway, and Zach had not returned. Father Gaul had told me when I had awoken from my nap that Paraila was concerned about him. He was not taking the news of our arrival well and had been adamantly opposed to leave with us. Apparently, he and Paraila fought for days over the issue and it still wasn't clear whether Zach had agreed to return to the States with me.

A large fire had been started in an open area just a few yards from the huts, and a variety of meats had been roasted. The hunting party had come back about an hour ago, by my count twenty-two men strong. But Zach was not among them. When I asked Paraila, through Father Gaul translating, he said, "Zacharias is tracking a tapir and stayed behind. He'll be back soon with more meat."

I picked at the food I'd been handed which was cradled in an oversized banana leaf. The hunting party was successful in killing a caiman and several spider monkeys, and they were greeted with cheers from the women as they came back into the village with their spoils.

The men were just as naked as the women, except the adults all wore a protective sheath over their penises made of woven palm. It nestled their uncircumcised penises in a thick nest of black hair, with their testicles hanging heavy beneath. Again, I had expected this and it wasn't shocking at all. As an anthropologist, I found those societal differences between our culture and theirs to be beyond fascinating.

The men made short work of cleaning their kills at the edge of the jungle and then the meat was roasted over the open coals of the fire. When it was done, the food was pulled off by the women, who served the men first. Only after every man had started eating did the women take for themselves, which included me. There was also boiled sweet potatoes, cassava bread and sliced papaya.

Father Gaul regaled me with stories of his time among the Caraicans, and compared them to some of the other tribes he ministered to. He'd been coming to this particular village for eleven years now, forsaking the modern world to live in the jungle with the indians and teach them the word of Christ. It was a fortuitous turn of events when five months ago, Father Gaul broke his leg and landed him in a hospital in Sao Paolo. While there, another missionary priest came to visit him, who brought word of a wealthy businessman in the United States looking for his missionary friends, Jacob and Kristen Easton. They had mysteriously disappeared in the Amazon eighteen years ago along with their son, Zacharias.

By the time the missionary had described these people, including a little boy of seven years old, Father Gaul knew without a doubt that this wealthy American was indeed looking for Zacharias of the Caraican Tribe. He immediately made contact with Randall Cannon, Zach's godfather, and the wheels were set in to motion to bring him home. As an anthropologist who had studied native Amazonian indians who have chosen to move into the modern world, Mr. Cannon had hired me to bring Zach--which was the nickname he went by as a child--home and help him to acclimate to a new life there.

I sat at the edge of the fire, listening to the priest and watching as some of the women sang and danced. I was told it was a song of thanks for the bounty provided, but I'm betting the men wouldn't sing and dance in tribute to the women who did their cooking for them. Women were still treated very much as second class in these tribal societies.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement as someone walked into the glow of the light cast by the roaring fire. I immediately noticed his form was much taller than the Caraicans, who looked to average about a height of five-eight or so. But this man was tall, and as his shadowy form got clearer the closer he came to the fire, I realized I was getting my first look at Zacharias Easton.

I didn't know what I expected, but I wasn't prepared for my first look at him. He easily topped out at maybe six-foot-three or so, completely drwarfing the small Caraicans. He was lean but well muscled in his chest, shoulders, arms and legs. Numerous scars crossed over his body. His brown hair was long... down to his shoulders and yet he was clean shaven. While the native Caraica did not grow body hair other than the tiny bit between their legs, Zach was a white man living in a brown man's world and would definitely have had to shave to give him that smooth face. I wondered how he accomplished that. Maybe a sharp knife? Or perhaps a razor blade given by a missionary?

And what a face... it was almost so perfect I want to weep. I should have figured he'd be a beautiful man, because I'd seen pictures of his parents who were very attractive people. His pale, blue eyes shimmered in the light of the fire, throwing shadows over the high cheekbones, straight nose and rock hard jaw that seemed to be clenched in anger at that very moment.

My eyes involuntarily strayed to his pelvis, because he was as naked as the other tribes people. And oh my... there was another difference as well. The tiny men of the Caraica couldn't hold a candle to the magnificence that was hanging between Zach's legs. He didn't wear the tulip petal sheath that the other men did on their penises, and even though he was completely flaccid, his circumcised shaft hung down thickly, a good three inches in soft length. He had to be massive when he was fully erect and for the first time since laying eyes on the man I traveled to the jungle to collect for his godfather, I was mortified to feel a throb between my own legs in response to his male form. I quickly averted my eyes upward, since I was sitting next to a Catholic priest and focused back on Zach's face.

I could have never imagined the animal magnetism he projected. He walked with confidence and swagger, and it might have to do with the huge haunch of tapir meat that was resting over his shoulder. He strode up to the fire and threw the entire leg onto the coals, the other men in the tribe calling out cheers of victory for the addition he just made.

Zach immediately went to Paraila, and squeezed his shoulder affectionately. Paraila said something to Zach as he pointed to me and Father Gaul sitting on the other side of the fire. The priest stood and stepped over to Zach where he clapped him on the back and Zach made the same motion in return, giving him a warm smile of welcome. He didn't even spare me a glance, said a few more quiet words to Father Gaul and then knelt on the ground next to Paraila to talk some more.

When Father Gaul sat back down next to me, he leaned over and whispered, "I'll talk to him later. He's not taking this well."

"I gathered," I said with understanding because I knew it had to be hard for Zach to leave the only home he probably ever remembered.

I took another bite of alligator and chewed it thoughtfully while I watched Zach and Paraila talk. Whatever the old man was saying to his adopted son was being met with resistant ears, because I watched Zach shake his head back and forth with dismay on his face which then took on a hardened look. He said something more to Paraila, then turned to point at me with a scathing look, clearly not happy with my presence. Finally, he surged to his feet as he said something more to Paraila who just shook his head sadly at Zach.

It was with great interest that I observed Zach foresake any of the food laid out on clay platters and walked around the fire to one of the women who was singing. She was young... I'm guessing eighteen or nineteen by the looks of her, and very pretty. She was wearing a headband of black vulture feathers that Father Gaul had told me represented that she had reached puberty, had her first menses but was not married. This was a rarity in the tribe, because most women had a husband and he wasn't sure what this woman's story was. If a woman took a husband, she no longer wore a headband of feathers. If she was innocent, and had not reached her first menstruation, she wore a headband of white, downy feathers. As far as I could see, this woman was the only one that wore a black headband.

Zach walked up to her as she sat on a petrified log and she looked up at him with an open smile. He held his hand out to her and with no hesitation, she placed hers in his outstretched palm. Zach helped her stand from the fire, her breasts swaying gently with the motion. I wondered if they were off to have a secret moment together, and I remember thinking that maybe she was Zach's Caraican lover.

My hand was raised to my mouth to take another bite of food, but it froze when Zach turned his head over his shoulder to look at me. His eyes pinned me hard with a menacing look, and I saw something else in there as well.

Maybe challenge?

Then to my utter astonishment, he pushed the woman down by her shoulder to the ground, where she knelt before him. I was completely stunned when I watch as his cock started to swell while the woman stared with adoring eyes up at the large man standing over her. Zach raised his arm, and with his finger pointed, made a circular motion in the air. The woman immediately turned around on her knees and lowered her cheek to the ground, both of her palms pressed into the dirt by her breasts.

Zach dropped to his knees behind her, his erection now at full mast and tilted proudly upward. He took a hand and stroked himself once, twice and then released his hold. I was mesmerized as he reached out with one hand and laid it gently on the woman's lower spine. He leaned forward as his other hand reached out and circled it around the back of her neck, pinning her to the ground. Pushing his hips inward, he brought the tip of his shaft to her backside, and started to push into her.

I was utterly captivated that he was doing this in full view of the entire tribe, and I was powerless to turn away, be damned that I was sitting next to a priest. I told myself that this would be an interesting study for a paper I would publish one day and that gave me the permission I needed to continue to watch.

"Zach... não aqui. Não na frente dos nossos hóspedes," I heard Paraila bellow and I saw Zach's entire body stiffen at what I thought must be a rebuke. My gaze slid to Paraila who was looking at Zach with fond exasperation. A sly smile overtook Zach's face and he nodded at the old man in deference.

"I apologize," Father Gaul said beside me and I turned to look at him. "You're getting a look at one of their social norms that's completely antithetical to the modern world's. Here... in this culture, the man is the dominant and has a right to take one of the available women whenever and wherever he wants. The Caraica view sex as a reward for the way that the man provides for the village. They are completely open in their sexuality and privacy isn't required. In fact, it's a source of a man's pride to make a woman submit for all else to see."

"I understand," I told him, but I didn't understand at all. It was fascinating to consider the differences in our cultures and my mind spun with how I was going to eventually teach Zach the difference between the world as he knows it and the world he was getting ready to enter in to. I turned my attention back to my food while Father Gaul turned to talk to Ramon on his other side.

But the woman in me--no, the scientist I mean-- was completely helpless in my curiosity. My eyes peeped back up to watch what Zach did. He merely lifted himself up from the ground and reached his hand back down to the woman. She took it and he helped her to stand, then he led her toward the nearest longhouse, for what I assumed must be some measure of privacy. But when he was no more than twenty yards from the fire, he pushed her back down again to her knees. She didn't even wait for him to tell her what to do, because she immediately pushed her chest to the ground and tipped her butt toward him. The woman rested her cheek on in the dirt as Zach knelt behind her, pinning her down by the back of her neck once more. The look on her face as she faced the fire was pleasant... almost serene, which I couldn't imagine, because if I was getting ready to get impaled by the huge length sticking out from Zach's pelvis, I'd be a hot, squirming mess.

With the one hand remaining on her neck, Zach took his other hand and wrapped it around himself. He leaned his hips forward and fed his length slowly into her. The woman gave a tiny sigh of pleasure and I watched as Zach's eyes closed briefly until he was fully seated.

The low throb started between my legs again and beat harder as Zach began to move within the woman. Long, strokes... no hurried measure, but deep, tunneling thrusts.

I watched... captivated, almost feeling his cock between my own legs, and it was at that point I realized that my job with helping Zach acclimate to the modern world was going to be a problem for me. I realized with utter clarity that I was completely affected by his raw sensuality... the domineering way in which he took what he wanted. It was a sinful turn on to me--the utter control and harsh dominance he was asserting--which was strange because I've always been an independent and confident lover.

My eyes were so focused on the animal coupling before me, I failed to care what else was going on. I watched as his one hand held the woman down by the neck and the other had his fingers dug into the flesh at her hip. The woman was softly moaning and in the firelight, I could even see Zach's shaft glisten with moisture every time he pulled back from her body. When my eyes finally raised to Zach's face, I was almost knocked over backward when I saw that he was staring straight at me across the low burning fire.

His pale eyes glittered in the ambient light, his jaw set in a hard line as he fucked the woman in the dirt. He held my gaze and I was powerless to look away. He seemed to be challenging me to watch what he was doing... almost forbidding me to look away. I think he was telling me... at that very moment... that he was a savage and would not make things easy when we left this place.

Father Gaul and Ramon talked softly beside me, the women sang, and the other tribesmen laughed amongst themselves... why was no one interested in this but me?

But then it all faded away and it was just me and Zach staring at each other.

Even the woman he was coupling with seemed to blend into the night and my heart raced as I watched him... watching me... as his hips thrust back and forth with a languid pace. It went on and on and on. I just stared at the spectacle before me, my own body hot and frustrated as I became overwhelmed at the voyeur in me that was stretching her wings. I never thought I would be so turned on by watching another couple have sex, but I'm sure it had everything to do with the way Zach was refusing to let me look away and my imagination going into overdrive of what he could do to my body.

Finally, after what seemed like hours,, Zach orgasmed with a quiet intensity that I almost didn't recognize what I was seeing. There was no hoarse shout of pleasure, no crying out his release. Instead, his eyes held mine while the muscles in his neck contracted into hard ropes. He gave one last push into the woman and I saw a slight shudder run through his body as he came silently, eyes open wide and staring me down with such intensity, I swear I could feel his own pleasure deep in my bones.

Zach watched me a moment more, his gaze fierce and confident. Then he pulled out of the woman, stood from the ground and walked away into the darkness.

As my story ends, I open my eyes and involuntarily push against the hold Zach still has on my neck. He pushes back and because his strength is infinitely stronger than mine, I lay still.

"That's a good story, Moira," Zach says with quiet praise and I know he's pleased to hear how turned on I was as I watched him.

"It's how I remember it," I say simply.

"You wanted me then, didn't you?"

"Yes," I breathe out.

"Just as you want me now?"


"Exactly the same way," he states.

"Exactly the same," I agree.

Zach's free hand comes up and rests against my lower spine, and he pushes the hem of my dress upward.

"Before I give it to you," Zach says, his voice low and commanding, "tell me one more thing."

"What do you want me to tell you?" I ask him, my voice needy with frustration.

"I want you to tell me what is the greatest thing you've learned about me so far since you took me from my home."

I take a deep breath and push it out with quiet force. I hate the pain and anger that is still laced in his voice over what I've done to him. I then admit what I know he wants to hear.

"I learned that you... Zacharias Easton... are an uncivilized man."

"Yes," he whispers as he releases his hold on my dress and flirts with the lace of my underwear. "You learned well."

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